ARCA is an open portal giving access to relevant journals and magazines for the history of Catalonia which are no longer published. It is a collaborative repository of digital preservation promoted by the Biblioteca de Catalunya. Its goals are:

  • To make access to periodicals easier. The users will find complete collections of serials, instead of wasting time searching for them in different institutions.
  • To identify, retrieve and preserve the heritage of Catalan periodicals. The use of digital surrogates minimizes the risk of damage of originals.
  • To increase the Catalan content on the Internet, contributing to making Catalan history, society and art expression throughout the years better known around the world.
  • To promote the cooperation among institutions to complete collections, to improve services, to share resources and to make profitable use of the collections as well.


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20 títols nous a ARCA

20 títols nous a ARCA: Acció : periòdich quinzenal, portaveu de la Associació Católica , Acció cooperatista, Acción cooperatista, El Apostolado seglar, Avance del boletín Estadística municipal, Catalonia Monastica, Cataluña textil, Catalunya Ràdio, Los Ecos del Vallès, Estadística municipal, Gaceta de la producción lanera, Gaseta de Vilafranca, Joventut tèxtil, Memorias de la Real Academia de Ciencias Naturales y Artes de Barcelona, Montserrat: Butlletí del Santuari, Or i flama, Panadés republicano, Penedès republicà, El poble i Textoria. [2021 abril]

New platform for ARCA (Arxiu de Revistes Catalanes Antigues)

ARCA (Arxiu de Revistes Catalanes Antigues) starts the new year with a new platform of management with new functionalities and capabilities.