ARCA is an open portal giving access to relevant journals and magazines for the history of Catalonia which are no longer published. It is a collaborative repository of digital preservation promoted by the Biblioteca de Catalunya. Its goals are:

  • To make access to periodicals easier. The users will find complete collections of serials, instead of wasting time searching for them in different institutions.
  • To identify, retrieve and preserve the heritage of Catalan periodicals. The use of digital surrogates minimizes the risk of damage of originals.
  • To increase the Catalan content on the Internet, contributing to making Catalan history, society and art expression throughout the years better known around the world.
  • To promote the cooperation among institutions to complete collections, to improve services, to share resources and to make profitable use of the collections as well.


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6 títols nous a ARCA [2021 desembre]

S'incorporen a ARCA 6 títols nous de la Universitat  Autònoma de Barcelona: Foment de les Arts Decoratives, Anuari del Foment de les Arts Decoratives, Butlletí del Foment de les Arts Decoratives, Boletín del Fomento de las Artes Decorativas, Cobalto : arte antiguo y moderno i Cobalto 49

S'incorpora a ARCA la digitalització dels anys 1863-1872 d' El Diario de Barcelona [2021 novembre]

S’incorpora a ARCA la digitalització dels anys 1863-1872 d' El Diario de Barcelona.